Hair loss surgery has become a real alternative to hair growth products like Rogaine, TRX2, Viviscal, Keranique, Provillus, Minoxidil- these are the items (pills, shampoo or supplements) most people look for when they suffer from hair loss problems. Read more about hair loss cure on hairchoice portal.

Hair growth products for men that work or the best hair regrowth products for women - you can imagine how popular these remedies have been until recently. Hair thickening has always been a priority with women and men with receding hairline.

FUE hair transplant cost abroad - Choose wisely: Budapest, Hungary

When looking for solutions on how to reverse hair loss naturally patients have met with affordable hair surgery called FUE - a fast, lasting, scarfree and painless hair restoration process. There are no side effects, complaints - no need to join a club, no any hair loss treatment scam - it is an hair transplanted from the donor area to the scalp or recepient area - with no pain and suffering and this comes at a reasonable price for you! Study carefully the available hair clinics in Hungary and find out more about your options.

You may have experienced high prices for hair replacement in your local hair clinic but it is no longer a challange to pay if you travel abroad for hair implants. Turkey, India, Pakistan look promising regarding their cheap FUE price (or FUT) but Hungary stands out as a country where you get above the average high quality treatment for a fraction of the local hair surgery price! Visit our wix site at

Beware of suspicious, too low prices (they seem to be too good to be true) as some hair clinics count their graft price based on 10,000 hair implants (and the price will be much higher when it turns out you need only 3000 hair transplants) or those that intermix grafts and single hair replacement to sound more attractive. Find correct list of hair restoration costs on our alternate site.

What's the real cost of FUE hair transplant abroad?

It depends on many factors. The number of grafts (follicles) or single hair to be removed and implanted as well as your hair sickness of the donor area. Also, FUE Safe System is more efficient than the first generation of hair restoration method. Currently (December 2017) this prices in Hungary is about €0.79 per single hair and the minimum amount of hair surgery starts from 500 grafts. More on this on hair loss guide.

You can find cheaper alternatives, though. The benefits of Budapest hair restoration:

  • Hungary is within easy reach (3 hours of flight time)
  • Budapest offers a lot culturally (sights, thermal baths, ruin bars)
  • Staff speak foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)
  • Whole packages (flight, hotel bookings, transfers, guidance) can be booked
  • Hungary has world class hair surgeons (education, training is very strong)
  • The hair travel is very cheap altogether
  • The whole hair replacement process can be carried out in 3 days (travel, surgery)
  • The hair treatment is painless, scarfree

We advise you to have a thorough study of options before going for the cheapest.. What guarantees your success? The patients' testimonials, before and after images, videos on hair transplants, reputation in forums and personal experience when asking for a free consultation.


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