There is no real alternative for dental treatment. Once you have a missing tooth you will need to find a solution to fill in for the missing one. Also, when you have an aching tooth you may need a drill and a filling - or a root canal treatment if it is a bad case scenario. Those looking for cosmetic surgery options like tooth implants, veneers or tooth whitening it is still worth considering Budapest, Hungary as this city has plenty of good dental clinics and highly trained and experienced dentists and specialists.

dental implants cost abroad - visit Hungary

Before getting a treatment plan you will need to send in your X-ray of your mouth to help dentists identify the best solution to your problem. You send them via e-mail and the process is fast enough to have your quote in 1-2 days. Clinics may be booked up - for emergency cases you need to take into account that it is not only the price but also the treatment availablity that plays a role when making the final decision. Study prices and relevant information on average dental implant cost in Hungary and do the maths for finding your financial advantages.

Be careful with too low offers! Cheap dental treatments come at a price that you will finally pay for. In many cases you will see that dental implants are advertised with prices for ther implant only. They tend to 'forget' to add that abutement and crown may make it double as much. Also, do not fall for adverts about one day treatments worded as immediate load implants as they are misleading too.

What's the real cost of dental implants abroad?

A lot depends on your needs. If you need full mouth dental implant supported denture (All-on 4 for example) for both lower and upper jaws you will save big money - UK price for a full mouth reconstruction can vary between Ł22.000 to Ł25.000! Rather expensive, isn't it? You can get the complete dental reconstruction for Ł9000 in Budapest, Hungary!

You can find cheaper alternatives, though. The benefits of Budapest dental treatment:

  • Hungary is easy to reach (88 flights from the UK)
  • Budapest is rich in sights and things to do(sights, thermal baths, ruin bars)
  • Clinic staff speak foreign languages (English, German, Italian)
  • Hungarian dentists are world famous, Hungary attracts 40% of all dental patients goinf abroad
  • Complete packages available (flight reservation, hotel bookings, transfer, guides)
  • Hungary has world class dental surgeons (education, training is very good in Hungary)

We strongly recommend to study offers from any provider as cheap treatments, low prices may come with some drawbacks - quality, satisfaction of the patient is at risk. Try to find a dental clinic Hungary in the mid-range of prices to avoid any kind of disappointment. Read testimonials, reviews and patient forum opinions before deciding over a dentist or clinic.


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